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2016/03 • Brussels Attacks: A Security Perspective

Terrorist attacks are often perceived as unpredictable and random events, which increases societal levels of fear. Despite their randomness, however, there is often a logic behind the attacks that draws from underlying geopolitical, sociological, and security conditions. Learn More »

2016/03 • Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

Everyone is talking about the Zika virus right now. Not since rubella have we seen an infectious disease with the ability to cause widespread fetal malformations. The situation has all the makings of a public health emergency, and we need to understand more about this virus. Learn More »

2016/01 • CEO Robin Ingle talks emergency evacuation on

Robin Ingle, CEO of the Ingle Group of Companies, provided some of his expertise for the recent CNN article The man who takes vacations in war zones. Learn More »

2015/08 • Understanding Air Ambulance Services During Out-of-Province Emergencies in Canada

A common misconception among Canadians is that provincial or territory Government Health Insurance Plans (GHIP) cover all expenses when travelling to other provinces, when in fact, Canadians do not receive complete coverage outside of their province of residence. Learn More »

2015/04 • Earthquake Disaster in Nepal: Intrepid 24/7’s Informational Guide

The mountainous, South Asian country of Nepal suffered a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25th, resulting in widespread damage and devastation. To date, there are estimated to be more than 4,500 deaths and 8,000 people injured, with numbers still rising. Learn More »

2015/03 • A New Generation of Measles

Measles is a condition that is most commonly associated with small children. However, in early 2015, there was an increase in cases among adults—some of whom had been vaccinated. How did measles make its way back into the North American population, and why are so many adults becoming infected? We explain the cause and effect of this highly contagious virus that has re-entered Canadian communities in a matter of weeks. Learn More »

2014/12 • Chikungunya Virus Outbreak: What Travellers Need to Know

Travellers around the world are becoming familiar with chikungunya—a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Often confused with dengue fever, chikungunya is known for causing long-lasting joint pain in many infected individuals. Learn More »

2014/10 • Getting Sick is No Vacation!

You have 10 days saved for vacation, and you’ve planned a great getaway. You arrive at your destination—and then the unthinkable happens. You get sick—away from the comforts of home, while your precious relaxation or adventure plans are put on hold. Learn More »

2014/08 • The Reality of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Knowing the Signs and Treatment Options

PTSD can occur following any traumatic event, from learning of the death of a loved one to witnessing a terrorist attack. However, not everyone who experiences trauma will develop PTSD. Researchers have found certain factors may predispose one to developing the disorder. Learn More »

2014/06 • Surveillance vs. Sousveillance and Perceptions of Safety

Where would you or your clients feel safer? In a convenience store with no security measures in place, or in a grocery store with cameras at all angles? On a vacant, unmonitored subway platform, or in an empty office with screens displaying active closed-circuit feeds? Learn More »

2014/05 • Practice Your Offence & Defence for the 2014 World Cup

Soccer fans flocking to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this June and July will have their health and safety to consider. Experts warn of the risk of disease borne by insects, local food, residents, and other fans, as well as the dangers of street crime, vehicle collisions, and sun exposure. Learn More »

2014/03 • Avoid the Drama of a Kidnap and Ransom

The kidnap and ransom business is not just a movie theme. Criminal gangs, terrorists, and amateurs have tried it. In some countries, even police officers stand accused. So reduce your risk of becoming a target or—if captured—the horror of captivity. Learn More »

2014/01 • Intrepid 24/7 Security Analysis—XXII Olympic Games in Sochi

With the XXII Winter Olympic Games scheduled to begin in less than a month (February 7–23, 2014), Russian domestic terror groups appear determined to ramp up their efforts to disrupt the Games and publicize their cause. Suicide bombings occurred on two consecutive days in Volgograd, Russia. Learn More »

2014/01 • Avoiding Terrorism while Travelling

Terrorist attacks are widely reported yet extremely rare, particularly in North America. The odds of an American being attacked is roughly one in 20 million, The Washington Post reported in April of 2013. Yet, as rare as the attacks may be, their impact can be severe. So travellers should contemplate how to reduce their risk of personal injury, stress, and disruption. Learn More »

2013/12 • Playing It Safe on a Cruise Vacation

Planning a cruise vacation? Then aim to return healthy and happy! Here are some tips that could help you avoid disappointment, sickness, injury, crime, ruinous expenses, and other risks. Most Canadians seem to agree with travel writers and industry representatives that cruise ships offer a safe mode of travel. Learn More »

2013/11 • When Disaster Strikes: Connecting, Offering Support, and Learning How to Cope

This past weekend, one of the worst typhoons ever recorded hit the island nation of the Philippines. Early figures suggested that at least ten thousand people would be killed but, as of the morning of November 11th, 2013, casualties have been confirmed at 942. Learn More »

2013/09 • Canadians! Making Travel Plans? Plan Your Travel Vaccinations Too

Want to avoid disease while travelling? This brief guide lists the diseases that healthy adults can avoid with vaccination, as well as the locations where protection may either be recommended or required. The sample vaccine fees, provided by a national pharmacy chain,* apply to adults and exclude the cost of providing an injection. Learn More »

2013/09 • Pilgrims to Mecca Need a Visa AND Vaccinations

When three million travellers come together, they can’t help but share the risk of infection. For this reason, Saudi Arabia has strict rules when hosting the massive annual pilgrimage known as Hajj, occurring this year from October 13th to 18th. These rules make the proof of vaccination just as important as a visa and your passport. Learn More »

2013/08 • The Real Risks of Travel: Coming Home Safe and Sound

Even the tamest of vacation activities—a stroll, a ride, or a swim—can lead to injury or death. The risks, however, will be higher in certain places, at certain times of day, and among certain groups. A stroll could prove risky for a solo traveller heading down a dark alley at night. Learn More »

2013/07 • Travelling Within Canada: What Could a Medical Emergency Outside of My Province Cost Me?

Gaps in public health care could prove costly to Canadians visiting another province. One of the largest potential costs could be transportation to the nearest hospital, particularly if the only hospital capable of dealing with your injury or medical emergency is a long distance away... Learn More »

2013/07 • Where Travel Insurance Ends

You’re on vacation. Everything is going wonderfully—you’ve got your trusty language book, your SPF 30 sunscreen, and the right travel insurance for your needs—until suddenly, disaster strikes. And although we’d all like to think we’re immune to unexpected emergencies... Learn More »