Our Services

Medical Assistance

Intrepid 24/7 provides personalized medical services to our clients, from pre-departure travel health information to post-trip care.


  • Access to travel health clinics and travel medical exams
  • Country-specific vaccination recommendations
  • Advice on illness prevention during your travels


  • Emergency care coordination
  • Guidance from our in-house health care professionals
  • Access to leading medical networks around the world
  • In-room physician visits
  • Air evacuation and/or repatriation


  • Second medical opinion services from top health care facilities and specialists back home
  • Post-emergency health navigation services
  • Health information packages sent by mail
  • Review of costs incurred
  • Negotiation of medical fees, when necessary


  • 24/7 toll-free access to our secure, state-of-the-art contact centres
  • Access to multilingual staff comprised of physicians, registered nurses, health information specialists, and security professionals