Our Approach

Case Management

Our assistance professionals handle all types of cases, whether medical, security, or travel related. With Intrepid 24/7, case management means never skipping a step. To better understand the end-to-end services we provide our clients, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our process below.

Step 1: Assess the incident

Gather information about the case and create a response plan.

Once we receive the call, information about the incident is collected and the client's coverage details are confirmed. In the event of a medical emergency, a medical screening is conducted through protocol questioning, and the client's medical history and current status are reviewed to determine any health concerns. A response plan is created and recommendations are made.

Step 2: Coordinate the Necessary Care

Direct client to care facility and provide treatment information.

At this point, the client is directed to the appropriate care facility, and we communicate with all relevant parties. We consult with health care providers and/or security professionals to better understand treatment plan(s), services provided, and payment options. The client is informed of next steps, and the necessary care is provided. Repatriation will be arranged if the quality of care in the country providing treatment is questionable, continued treatment in the home country is required, and an 'end of emergency' is declared by a health care professional.

Step 3: Monitor and Evaluate

Review client's status and assess treatment.

We monitor the case on an ongoing basis by checking up on the client's health condition and/or safety status. Any barriers that are keeping the client from receiving optimal care are identified, and the treatment plan is reviewed and, if needed, revised. We ensure all parties are in agreement and a consensus on treatment and payment is obtained. The client's family members are kept up to date throughout the process and are contacted after discharge and/or successful evacuation.

Step 4: Conduct all necessary follow-up

Liaise with client and claims department.

In this final step, all necessary records are obtained. We document any related information, assess the financial impact of the care provided, and evaluate the various coverage options. Finally, we follow up with the client and provide advice about the claims process, help them navigate the health care system if continued care is required, and answer any outstanding questions they may have.