Case Studies

Out of Oxygen in Peru

While walking around the city, a woman began to experience shortness of breath.

A 64-year-old woman was walking around the ancient, high-altitude city of Puno, Peru when she began to experience headache and shortness of breath. She consulted a local doctor, but her symptoms failed to improve. Before long, she had a dry cough and was utterly exhausted.

She contacted Intrepid 24/7, and our staff immediately communicated with local medical providers. We promptly had her admitted to a reputable hospital in the area, where X-rays and other tests showed that she had low oxygen saturation and fluid in her lungs. High altitude sickness and pneumonia were diagnosed, along with the potentially life-threatening adult respiratory acquired pneumonia. Her condition was stabilized with fluids, oxygen, steroids, and antibiotics.

Understanding the complexity of these diagnoses, Intrepid 24/7 rapidly coordinated her air evacuation to a top hospital in the country’s capital, Lima. She was admitted to intensive care, and began steadily improving. Some days later, she returned to the airport in a regular taxi and returned home on a routine commercial flight.