Case Studies

Robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico

While sightseeing in Mexico City, a young man was shot in the chest and robbed.

On the second day of what would have been a month-long vacation in Mexico City, a young man and his girlfriend decided to do some sightseeing. As they walked around the city, enjoying the new sites, sounds, and smells, a group of armed thugs suddenly appeared. The young man was violently robbed at gunpoint, and, during the scuffle, was shot in the chest.Intrepid 24/7 received the call after he had already been brought to the hospital's intensive care unit. His girlfriend, who had witnessed the incident, was agitated and upset. Intrepid 24/7's caring emergency response staff spoke with her on the phone, listened to what she had to say, and tried to provide her with words of comfort. We also liaised with hospital staff, family members, and his country's consulate to ensure the young man received the appropriate care for his life-threatening injuries.When the man's condition was no longer deemed critical, a doctor from his home country was flown to Mexico so that a health care professional could be at his side for his return home.