Case Studies


Want a better understanding of how Intrepid 24/7 assists travellers around the world? Read through our case studies to see how our managed care approach puts those in need first!

Out of Oxygen in Peru

A 64-year-old woman was walking around the ancient, high-altitude city of Puno, Peru when she began to experience headache and shortness of breath. She consulted a local doctor, but her symptoms failed to improve....... Read more »

Bus Crash in Bolivia

In the early morning hours, a speeding bus made its way around the mountains of Bolivia, famous for its "death roads." Suddenly, it lost control and plunged over the side of a cliff. Certain passengers did not survive the impact of the crash. Those that were still alive... Read more »

Robbed At Gun Point In Mexico

On the second day of what would have been a month-long vacation in Mexico City, a young man and his girlfriend decided to do some sightseeing. As they walked around the city, enjoying the new sites, sounds, and smells, a group of armed thugs suddenly appeared... Read more »